Real Stories About How People Got Fired From Their Jobs

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Don't Sneak Food
A friend of mine named Detric had a job at KFC. During his break time and even while working he would sneak and make a KFC Snacker real fast and then eat it when no one was looking. Or at least he thought no one was looking until he found out they had footage of him eating it on the survaillience...he was fired.

angry co-worker
the guy in question here is a nut period... he was told to do something simple like cleaning up a spill in the local grocery store here... he didn't like that idea so he got some laundry soap and went into the meat department and dumped a whole box all over the meat... he was fired from there as well as escorted to jail... and there was another time i've heard from a friend of him having to do something he didn't like so he drove a fork-lift through the boss' office....he was fired from there as well as escorted to jail

Bad coffee
I am the manager at a Dunkin' Donuts, which I have been for three years now, and I recently hired a new employee, a very short hispanic man about 5' 1". After working at the register one day, I observed as he went to brew a small coffee for an elderly customer. I noticed he filled the cup a quarter way with decaf and then appeared to be hiding it from my view. I assumed he was struggling with a cover so I went over to aid him when i discovered that his fly was down and he was urinating in the coffee. I asked him what he was doing and he shouted something in spanish to me and dumped the combination of coffee and urine down my uniform. He then jumped the counter and ran to the exit and across the street. He never turned up to work or made himself heard ever again.

I was working at Coles and I was a really good employee and my boss was good to me. I was looking for a new job because I was getting bored, and so an employer rang my boss for a reference and my boss fired me straight away and gave me a really bad reference. Pathetic! Strangely enough, I got the new job!

Porn UGH!
I got a job at Movie Stars, it's a place like Blockbuster where you can rent movies. Well, when I got the job I did not realize that their was an "adult room". I am very prude so I made a deal with whoever was working that i would put away all the movies, if they would just put the adult movies away. It was a great system, until one day when I was called into the backroom and fired. The manager said that I wasn't doing my share of the work. Well I told her uhhh yeah I am, which i did. I did all the vacuuming and restocking and closing. She said yeah but we're firing you because you won't put the porn away. well let me tell you, my parents had never been more proud.

I hate work!
I was workin at Asda and i was putting tins on the shelf. There was a uple of lads chattin me up and i got distracted. Next thing i newa little kid was comin at me hanging of a trolley, he cudnt stop so i was knocked over onto the 2 lads and loads of tins fell on us. Next day i went into work and my boss was waiting for me. I fought she was quite nice until then. She had a go at me and just as she was about to say 'your fired' i threw one of her many certificates for this and that of her head and it cud of blinded her. I (as u guessed) got the sack. Well it was more of a mumble cus she cudnt speak very well cus i kinda kick my shoe in her face as well. All the old staff glare at me wen i do my weekly shopping!

To flirty?? I'm out!!
I was actually going out with the girl that got fired, anyway here we go!! We were working at a LARGE grocery store and were both baggers when my boss called me in to his office and told me he was about to fire her. (Knowing that we were going out, and he and I were friends) He then sent me out and called her to the office. About ten minutes later, she runs out and finds me, smacks me across the face, and runs out!! I later found out that he told her that I suggested it and I was jealous cause she was "to flirty!!" A couple weeks later I got my revenge... was super bowl Sunday and the store was PACKED, I had arranged with him to have me and one other person bag that day. I walked in, dropped a note that told him what I thought of him, and told everyone via the intercom that I was going to flirt with a better job at the competitor's store. He called my house later and apologized, then begged me to come back. I wonder if he still misses me?

The back staber
Man, I was working in a coke factory, and at my lunch break,my boss saw me eating a burger with PEPSI!he got so pissed he fired me and called me a "back staber". WTF?!?

Workin A Dog Kennel
I was workin at Blaine Kennels, and just had been hired on about 2 months before. I had replaced 2 other people's shifts because I was so eger to work. This was my first job after giving birth to my son. The day started like any other, and my boss called me up to the front and waited till all the people left the room, then told me i am "angry, unhappy and mean." this came to a shock to me because I am generally a EXTREMELY NICE person! Ever since I've gotten fired, no one wants to hire me anymore. I've been lookin for a new job for 3 months now!!!

mean boss
i was working at this ratty ass motel it totally sucked you would probally say it was a crack motel but there was this really hot mexican guy who worked there and i liked him but he was marryied he and his wife ran the hotel his wife was fat ugly and mean she had the most dum rules there has ever been made lik no visitors no pets no noise stupid stuff wel i figured out that he liked me everyone knew 2 and they knwe he hated his wife but 1 day she was sick and me and him started foolin around and his wife i guess felt better came back and walked in on us foolin around and i got fired but we keep in close touch what shegets 4 bein a bitch

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